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Actualizaciones de la red LinkedIn, 09/07/2012

Actualizaciones de la red, 2 de jul - 9 de jul
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Crystal Ellis
Local Washington Designer, Bryn Keith Makes Red Carpet Debut at the...
District of Columbia,District of Columbia,United States of America: Latest breaking news - Bryn Johnson of Bryn Keith Custom Clothier designed two-custom looks for co-host Big Tigger at the 2012 BET Awards in Hollywood.. You...
David Shipton shared via
Noosa Beach
One of the joys of an imminent birthday is generous friends and family who have pitched in to buy me what I have been dreaming of for ages. A new digital SLR!! So today begins my journey with a Nikon 5100. I eagerly unpacked it last night and...
Jessica Federer
U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren't there
Samim Hirani-Hojatti, Ph.D Very interesting
How LinkedIn Has Turned Your Resume Into A Cash Machine - Forbes
One could argue that it’s better to have a small slice of something massive than a big slice of something smaller. But the numbers above are further skewed by a simple fact: Facebook, which derives 85% of its revenue from advertising, makes money...
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