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Actualizaciones de la red LinkedIn, 10/09/2012

Actualizaciones de la red, 3 de sep - 10 de sep
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Cynthia North Find out how Google's Knowledge Graph impacts your brand's marketing efforts
Google's Knowledge Graph: Semantic Search Results
Google introduced Google Knowledge Graph. Intouch Solutions tells you how it may affect your search results, SEM and SEO efforts.
Brent Wells Job Benchmarking Offers Huge ROI - Learn a better way to hire and retain top talent @SayItComm [Infographic]
Job Benchmarking Offers Huge ROI [Infographic]
Infographic - Bad hiring decisions are costing businesses. Job Benchmarking offers a better way to hire and retain top talent.
Dr. M Aslam Razzak
Top Talent Investment
The previous CEO of Engro Corp, Asad Umer, did what most leaders should do – he directly interacted with the talent in his organization. He invited them over for special events in which he en...
Heidrun H.
A Woman's 'Untreatable' TB Echoes Around the World
Over the past six years, Mrs. Sheikh, 40 years old, mortgaged her family's rice fields, spent her father's and brother's life savings, and crisscrossed India in search of a cure for tuberculosis. But instead of getting...
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